My IT Guy (I’m moving)

I have finally mustered the guts and found the time to make the move over to WordPress and I’m going it, alone. Like the mismatched cabinet safety locks that are poorly installed in my Kitchen and the uneven picture hanging above my bed, this blog has officially become my DIY “project” (but this time, I’m doing things right. Ha!)

I know, this is big, and possibly insane, but that’s (I’d like to believe) beyond the point! I’m doing this big thing because I want to learn, because I want the sweet sense of satisfaction of knowing that I did it, that, and, well, I’m horribly cheap. And while I am doing most of the heavy lifting, I do have some help, namely from a trusty book recommended by Kate of the Mommy Monologues and my husband, my IT Guy.Image result for blogging

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that my husband works in the IT industry, but he does. And for any woman out there (or man) who has a significant other working in that industry, you know that it’s tough. Long and often unreasonable hours, untenable work schedules, attached to the skull Blackberries, and lots and lots of urgent matters are what make up that industry, I think.

Having kids and being married to someone in the IT industry (particularly those in programming or networking or other 24/7 fields) is a challenge, but there are also benefits if you call yourself a blogger, namely that you always have someone who can provide you with real-time, free help-desk support on your blog or any other possibly stupid and ridiculously simple (like opening files off a FTP site. Yep. That was one of my questions at 1 AM last night when my mirrored site crashed) technical matter that may be troubling you.

The help you receive from an IT spouse (and you can probably imagine this to be true if you’ve ever had to work with an IT person) is, well, unique, too. These people, these IT people of which my husband belongs, take their craft very, very serious, so you have to tread delicately, oh, non-IT one, in dealing with them. All explanations are FULL explanations on any given topic, all questions are approached with a degree of skepticism, and all problems can and WILL be solved.

It’s truly an interesting thing being the wife of an IT guy, my IT guy.

I could go on longer about, but I’ll save that for another time.

It’s Father’s Day so my husband has planned a nice afternoon of us sitting on the couch watching movies. I know. So fun.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there.

Any one else out there conquering any DIY projects at this time? What are you working on? Oh, and is there any one with a spouse or significant other in IT? Can you relate? We need a support group, right?